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Agri-Fab 60L Towed Sprayer

From $360.61 a month withInfo

Available for pre-ordering

Pay a 10% deposit per item

Please Note: SAFETY:-
1. Read the owners manual and the vehicle owners manual before using this sprayer.
2. Never allow children to operate this sprayer.
3. Do not allow anyone to ride on or sit on this sprayer.
4. Keep the area clear of all persons, especially small children.
5. Read the chemical label before handling or mixing chemicals.
6. Wear breathing, eye and hand protection and protective clothing when handling
and applying lawn chemicals.
7. Do not spray on windy days.
8. Be aware of your tractor’s capabilities. Attaching this sprayer may affect your
tractor’s braking and stability.
9. STAY OFF STEEP SLOPES. Refer to the vehicle owner’s manual concerning safe
operation on slopes.
10. Operate at reduced speed on rough terrain, along ditches and on hillsides to
prevent loss of control.