DJI Agras T25 Agricultural Spraying Drone


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▪ Supports extensive payload capacity with up to 20 L spraying and 25 kg spreading

▪ Compact folding design that’s suitable for Solo Operation

▪ Ultra-reliable transmission signal with DJI O3

▪ Superior safety with Array Radars, Binocular Vision System and FPV camera

▪ Easy controls and mission programming with DJI RC Plus

All in One Agriculture

Built upon years of industry research and application, the AGRAS T25 presents the most advanced aerial agriculture solution from DJI to date. Designed to cater to every stage of agriculture care, AGRAS T25 can be used to spray, spread and monitor crops through advanced automations and operating protocols.

Superior Spraying

Foldable, functional and ready to go at a moments notice, AGRAS T25 redefines what’s possible with a compact aerial agriculture solution. Spraying AGRAS T25 delivers an impressive 20 kg max spraying capacity with increased efficiency thanks to a Dual Atomising Spraying System for a flow rate up to 16L/min. Spreading Spread up to 25 kg of matter per flight.

Countless Applications

AGRAS T25 can do more than spray and spread. With a variety of built-in sensors and powerful DJI FlightHub 2 integration, T25 can be used to monitor and survey too! Orchard Surveying Use T25 to accurately and efficiently map large orchards and fruit tree plantations. Field Aerial Survey Survey plots as large as 13 hectares in just 10 minutes with AGRAS T25.

Efficient Operation

AGRAS T25 is fully optimised for efficiency with new DB800 flight batteries that provide a 15% fuel saving. DB800 Intelligent Flight Battery 15.5 Ah capacity with 1500 charge cycle rating. D6000iE Multifunctional Inverter Generator Provides 9 minute battery fast charging. C8000 Intelligent Power Supply Charge batteries with a portable 5400W power supply.


AGRAS T25 is managed with the DJI RC Plus controller, sporting an ultra-bright 7” touchscreen. Featuring an 8-core internal processor to facilitate smooth operation, RC Plus provides users with in-depth RPAS controls and flight monitoring in addition to intelligent control features including AB point task saving and lot subdivision.