DJI Agras T50 Agricultural Spaying Drone


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  • A massive 40KG spraying payload and 50KG spreading payload, larger than any other AGRAS series drone.
  • Improved safety and obstacle avoidance via Active Phased Array Radar and Binocular Vision systems.
  • Folding design that reduces overall aircraft size by 70%.
  • Built to last with IPX6K weather resistance on all core modules.
  • Easy controls and mission programming with DJI RC Plus.

T50 Spreading System

Precise weight: Weight sensors
Even spreading: Spiral flow channel spinner
Accurate spreading: Large/Small hopper gates
Jamming prevention: High-torque spreading motor
Anti-corrosion: New protective coating

Dual Atomized Spraying System

High flow rate: 16 L/min (2 sprinklers)
Outstanding atomization: Adjustable droplet size of 50-500 μm
Drip-tight: Solenoid valve
Corrosion-resistant: Magnetic drive impeller pump

T50 Spraying System

Rapid loading: Ultra-large tank refilling gate
Fast fertilizer spreading: 108 kg/min (medium-sized urea)
High efficiency: 1.5 tonnes of fertilizer per hour
Spreading width: 8m

Smart Obstacle Bypassing

Mapping-free terrain following flight (up to 50°)
Smooth obstacle bypassing in complex environment
Precise and safe flight on hilly orchard

UHD FPV Camera

Adjustable angles
Crisp and smooth display
Aerial survey of farmlands and orchards

High Performance Remote Controller

7inch high-bright screen
8core processor, mapping 13 ha of
farmlands in 10 minutes
4-antenna video transmission
2 km control distance