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EGO Power+ Powerload Line Trimmer With Line IQ


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Introducing the EGO POWER+ 40cm POWERLOAD™ Line Trimmer, the world’s most advanced trimmer featuring the world’s first LINE IQ™ technology. Auto-sensing technology monitors and feeds the length of the line for a continuous 40cm cutting swath delivering non-stop high-performance trimming. No bump needed! Patented POWERLOAD™ technology automatically winds your trimmer line. Replacing your line is as easy as feeding the line into the head and pressing a button! A carbon fibre shaft makes it the strongest line trimmer on the market. With its telescopic design, quickly adjust the shaft length for ease of use and comfort. Get over 60-minutes of continuous cut time when used with the included EGO 56V 5.0Ah ARC Lithium™ battery. This revolutionary trimmer is also built with digital variable speed, a high-efficiency brushless motor, and 2.4mm professional cutting line. Experience Power Beyond Belief™ without the noise, fuss, or fumes.


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