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Honda Blade & Bolt

SKU: BNC6754

In stock

Part Number: BNC6754
Description: Honda Blade and Bolt Set, Skin Packed for Display
Replaces OEM: Honda: 06725-VJ9-B80
Features: High Fluted blade & bolt sets, skin packed for display.
Fits: Honda Buffalo 21″ (533mm) cut rear catcher models including Buffalo Bull & Classic HRU217DPU, HRU216SU.
Hole Size: (inches) 5/8
Hole Size: (mm) 16
Length: (in): 6
Length: (mm): 152
Width: (inches) 2
Width: (mm) 50
Standard Pack Quantity: 1 (set of 4)
Box Quantity: 25 sets
Brand: Honda – Non Genuine, UTA,
Product Line: Swing back blade set, blades and bolts

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