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Kawasaki FX850V-DS42-S EFI Engine


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Description: Kawasaki FX850V-AS42-S EFI, 29.5 hp (22.0 kW) Vertical Shaft Engine With A 1 1/8”x 108.8 mm Crankshaft
Editorial: Major power and commercial-grade strength are on tap from the Kawasaki FX Series
engines. When you’re looking for power for your mower or heavy duty industrial
and construction equipment, you’ll find it here. All FX engines are Critical
Power SAE-Certified, compact, 90-degree V-twin engines. Every one features
hemispherical combustion chambers and overhead V-valve technology that helps ensure
low emissions, high power, and smooth operation. Integrated electronic throttle
control helps you power through the toughest mowing conditions.
Kawasaki EFI fuel management continually adjusts power to load, keeping blade tip
speed constant and ground speed steady. With optimum cutting speed through tough
conditions, you’ll get more done in less time – and do it with maximum fuel