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PROKUT 3/16″ File and Guide



PROKUT 3/16″ (4.8 mm) File Guide Kit – Skin Packed for Retail Display

This file guide kit contains the basic tools required to sharpen your chainsaw

chain, and guarantees regular, consistent and smooth sharpening. The quality PFERD

chainsaw chain file features a precise spiral cut for outstanding sharpness and

ultra-long tool life. For fast, score-free sharpening of saw teeth, In comparison

to machine sharpening, this file will remove stock sparingly without thermal loads

due to friction on the metal. The matching PFERD plastic ergonomic file handle is

firm fitting and comfortable to use.

1 x PFERD 3/16″ (4.8 mm) x 8″ (200 mm) long “Classic” spiral cut chainsaw file.

1 x PFERD Plastic ergonomic file handle

1 x File guide frame – assists with performing regular consistent sharpening.

Suitable for sharpening .325″ pitch chainsaw chains.

This product replaces our part number GAF31690.

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