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PROKUT Depth Gauge Guide and Flat File Kit


Description: PROKUT Depth Gauge Guide And 6″ Flat File Kit – Skin Packed for Retail Display
Editorial: A very important part of chain sharpening which is often overlooked but is vitally
important to both performance and safety is the chains depth gauge setting. This
depth guage setting kit contains a quality PFERD 6″ flat depth gauge file, a PFERD
matching wooden file handle and a clever multi-function template tool which makes
setting the correct depth gauge height easy. Each end of the template helps to
accurately set depth gauges to .025″ and the middle to .030″. The template is also
a round file guide for chain sharpening (35°) and a tool for cleaning guide bar
Kit consists of: 1 x PFERD 6″ flat depth gauge file.
1 x PFERD matching wooden file handle.
1 x .025″ and .030″ drop-center depth gauge multi-tool.
Replaces OEM: Oregon 40466
Standard Pack Quantity: 1 Kit
Please Note: This product replaces our part number OMK40466.
Brand: PROKUT, GA Forestry Accessories, PFERD,
Product Line: Depth-Gauge Tool and Flat File Kit, Flat file Kit With Depth Gauge Tool,

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