Rover Late Model Domestic Blade & Bolt


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Part Number: BNC7881
Description: Non-Genuine Rover Late Model Domestic Blade And Bolt Set Combo, Skin Packed For
Retail Display
Replaces OEM: Rover 333-100-0002 (blade and bolt set part number), 742-04413 (blades), 712-0130
(nuts), 736-04618 (tension washers), 738-04547 (bolts), 787-02071 (D Plates),
Features: • Flat blades with formed flute
• Includes matching bolt set
• Skin packed for retail display
• Fitting diagrams and instructions on back of pack
Fits: 22″ (560 mm) cut Rover selected models including Pro Cut 560 SP Mulch ‘N’ Catch –
Self-Propelled (models 12AVG1KB333 year 2013, 12AVG1LH333 year 2013, 12AVG1KB333
year 2014 and 12AVG1L3333 year 2014) and Thoroughbred SP – Self-Propelled (model
12AVG1LH363 year 2013) domestic lawn mower models.
Hole Size: (inches) 1/2″
Hole Size: (mm) 12.7 mm
Length: (in): 4 27/32″
Length: (mm): 123.03 mm
Width: (inches) 1.751″
Width: (mm) 44.5 mm
Kit consists of: • BBN443 bolt set
• BLD7865W blade set
• BLH277D x 2 D plates
Standard Pack Quantity: 1 Pair
Box Quantity: 45 Pairs
Australian Made: Yes
Footnote: All length measurements are from the centre of bolt hole to end of blade. Sold in
sets of two (2) unless otherwise stated.
Brand: Rover – Non Genuine, UTA,
Product Line: Blade and bolt set combination, domestic swing back blade and bolt set combination,
swing back blade and bolt set combination,

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