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Shindaiwa EB262 Blower


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Powerful handheld blower with vibration reduction. The EB262 light weight, professional blower is a force to be reckoned with. Shindaiwa’s best in class handheld blower is packed with power and features to increase the professional’s productivity. Featuring a 25.4cc professional grade engine, secondary handle for ultimate manoeuvrability and vibration reduction systems. You’ll be amazed at the force this lightweight, compact and manoeuvrable tool can create. The professional grade 25.4cc engine has an output of 0.91kW giving a max air speed of 76.7m/sec. What does this actually mean? the concentrated bursts of air are able to shift stuck down wet leaves and heavier debris like twigs with ease. Designed for maximum manoeuvrability with controls right where you need them. The additional handle allows you to adjust the angle of blowing for optimal performance in different scenarios. Gutters and narrow passages can blasted clean with ease. Anti vibration technology alongside intuitive and balanced lightweight design means even the toughest jobs can be powered through with enjoyment.