Shindaiwa EC741S Cut Quick


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The Shindaiwa EC741S is equipped with a massive 73.5cc Shindaiwa engine for serious cutting power. Hardscaping wil be a breeze with the power of Shindaiwa. Throughout its design the focus of the EC741S was always durability and reliability. We have created a tool that can be put through the most gruelling jobs day in day out and won’t let you down. The 73.5cc engine chrome cylinder and patented KaniboronTM piston plating provides friction reduction as well as superior wear and heat resistance. The two-ring piston offers a gas-tight seal with the cylinder, this is essential in high compression engines and ensures maximum power. The brass water valve controls the flow of water to the cutting wheel. Couple this with the industry leading heavy duty 4-stage air filter and your engine has the best protection from dust and debris on the market. Has the highest cutting torque in its class due to a 2.6:1 drive ratio. Drive ratio is the ratio of the wheel pulley diameter to the drive pulley diameter. The higher the ratio the more torque is developed at the wheel. This means it’s easier to cut thick masonry blocks or dense concrete and less likely that the unit will get bogged down in the cut.


Applicable Blade Diameterc (inch / mm) – / 350
Dry Weight (kg) 10.7
Engine displacement (cm³) 73.5
Fuel Consumption At Maximum Engine Power (L/h) 2.1
Fuel tank capacity (l) 0.70
Ignition System CDI
Installable Size Of Blade Inner Diameter (mm) 20
Output (kw) 3.2
Output (ps) 4.4